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How-To: Synchronize the Handset on a Range Rover P38

The handset for a Land Rover Range Rover P38 transmits a coded message to the vehicle's computer and the code changes every time a button is pressed on the handset. If the handset is operated too many times out of range of the vehicle, or if the handset batteries are removed for longer than a minute, then you might need to re-synchonise the handset to the vehicle.  You also might need to perform this operation if you purchase a new handset.

To synchronise the handset:

1. If the Range Rover is locked, press the "unlock" button on the handset and then unlock the vehicle using the key on the handset.

2. If the Range Rover is unlocked, press the "lock" button on the handset and then lock the vehicle using the key on the handset.

That is according to the owner's manual.  The way I learned to synch the handset is different:  stick the key of the handset into the driver's door lock, and turn to the right, hold for 3 seconds, then turn all the way to the left, hold for three seconds, and finally bring it back to center.

You cannot synchronise the handset if the batteries in it need replacing, or if the Range Rover's alarm is armed.

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Still wont work for me.

I only disconnected the car battery for 10-20 mins to change the spark plugs on my car. reconnected and not all the windows and sunroof are saying not set and the key fobs wont remotely work :-(

any help


is the rf unit under the rear drivers side parcel shelf holder unplugged as its a common fault and get unplugged to stop becm locking you out


The first method worked for me on a '96 4.6 HSE. De-synced when I had the battery disconnected for repairs. Replaced the remote batteries at the same time and re-synced the first try.


If you have a UK rangi and want to sync the keys do the following (Similar to above but it DOES involve button presses)

1. Un alarm and unlock rangi with a working key fob
2. hold down the lock button on the remote
3. Insert the key into the drivers side (Offside) door lock (STILL HOLDING THE LOCK BUTTON)
4. turn the key to the LEFT as if to lock the car (STILL HOLDING THE LOCK BUTTON)and hold in position for 3-4 seconds (STILL HOLDING THE LOCK BUTTON)
5. return the key to the centre postition(STILL HOLDING THE LOCK BUTTON)
6. remove the key and finally release the lock button.
7. now open the car with the key and insert into the ignition, leave for a few seconds and turn to postion II but do not start the car! Now whilst in the ignition press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds and release then press and hold the un-lock button and release.
8. now remove the key, shut the door and try and lock the vehicle as normal using the remote
9. If it locks you are sucessfull and can un-lock the vehicle and insert the key and start your beloved rangi!!! :-)

Good Luck



I just bought a 1999 range rover p38 and my alarm doesnt work, i replaced batterys and still wont sync to my remote i tried all different ways to sync that i read off the internet but none work i really dont want to go to dealership to have them look at it....So i am wondering if its a bad door lock thing....I went to shucks and they have a remote tester and my checked out fine, i rolled down the windows and armed my car and then reached in and unlocked the door and opened the door and the alarm works. Why doesnt my remote sync with the car alarm>?


Neither of these methods worked for me. Did you hold down a button when you did this? Brand new batteries in my remote too.


No, you do not need to hold down any of the buttons.  That is very strange.  What year is your Range Rover?  It might be an issue of you need to have handset 1 or handset 2 - not 3 or 4.  Land Rover designates 4 handsets for every Range Rover.  I think it may be a case of only Handsets 1 and 2 can fully sync as far as setting your seat position...


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