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Blog entry: Land Rover Series II and Series IIA in Off-road Action Videos

Videos of Land Rover Series II and Series IIA trucks off-road in action:

Land Rover Series 2 88" Hillclimb - almost makes it 3 times but not quite...


Land Rover Series II off road at the Series II meet in Stourport. Says one commenter on YouTube:

That's what I LOVE about old Series Rovers (besides being probably the most RUGGEDLY built, (electrics aside, of course LOL 4x4 vehicle ever built in the world anytime and anywhere. I think only the military hummvee comes close in absolute ruggedness of build).....the fact that one can change the body from hard-top van body or county body to pick-up body to stake-back truck in mere hours !!! The Wilks Brothers were TRUE geniuses!! I consider them in the same category as the Wright Brothers!


Beardy Paul in HBW, in a Series II Land Rover Off Road for the 1st time at the International Series 2 Rally, Kelmarsh Hall August 2007.


One-tons at the Land Rover Series II club rally From an attendee, off YouTube:

Look at the lack of spring travel on the 109 compared to the 88- these things ride much better with a bit of weight in the back! Dan was suffering from having very worn tyres; Big Blue is technically identical (although was running better) but was on brand new tyres. Dougal was also on worn tyres, but has a 3.3L nissan diesel engine giving it the power and torque to keep going. I did get stuck, but no-one videoed it, luckily! Matt (driver of the green beastie)


Red Series IIa 88 Land Rover off road rocky trail, complete with K9 navigator.


Series 2 breaking some ice playing in winter water / mud.

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